Activity Transportation Forum 2013

 Active Transportation Forum
October 18, 2013 10:00am - 3:00pm
University Club at UCI
Come join us to identify barriers and opportunities, share best practices and develop priorities for active transportation in Orange County.

 Active Transportation Forum Agenda

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 Move More Eat Healthy Fact Sheet

 AHOC Goals 2012

Bringing Funding into Orange County to Improve Health and Reduce Health Disparities


The Alliance for a Healthy Orange County is a county-wide collaborative of health care organizations, community-based organizations and universities whose mission is to champion policy strategies and leverage funding opportunities that result in enhanced health outcomes and reduced health disparities for Orange County residents. One of the goals of AHOC is to bring Prevention Fund dollars into Orange County. The Federal Government has committed $15 billion over ten years to fund prevention programs, beginning with $500 million in 2010, $750 million in 2011 and $1 billion in 2012. Orange County has a number of programs that address prevention but many of them are small in scale or are not sustainable due to dependence on private grant funding. The prevention fund dollars would provide the opportunity to bring programs to scale and support policy and environmental change efforts that would have a lasting impact on the health of Orange County.

Another important goal of AHOC is to identify and build support for Active Transportation and find sources of funding at the local, state, and federal level for Orange County’s, active transportation projects and programs which promote healthy communities. In the course of these activities, AHOC will work with cities to collaborate and coordinate with regional and county organizations, such as OCTA, SCAG and Caltrans. Lastly, AHOC has a multi-year campaign called the Move More Eat Healthy Orange County Campaign. This campaign is a county-wide effort to engage more partners to make a greater commitment to increasing the percentage of healthy weight residents in all populations of Orange County. It builds on the existing Orange County Obesity Prevention Plan by establishing specific partnership criteria for organizations in each sector to commit to in 2012. Our goal is to make the Move More, Eat Healthy OC campaign an effective call to action so Orange County can start to bend the curve on obesity.